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Job Vacancy at ELNUSA 2010

ELNUSA is present amidst Indonesia ‘s flourish oil and gas business development. Born as the Indonesia ‘s oil and gas pioneers’ idea, in 1969, ELNUSA was initially a subsidiary of PT Pertamina. ELNUSA started its operation as a provider of electronic communications equipment, ship navigation and radar system for oil and gas carriers in Indonesia . ELNUSA‘s long business journey has encountered various challenges, yet it has managed to stand still surfing the oil and gas business turmoil in 1980s and survived the 1998’s economic crisis as well . ELNUSA, along with its subsidiaries has turned into an integrated oil and gas service provider which has received customer’s remarkable trusts. Not only has trust been given by PT Pertamina, the parent company, it has also been delivered by a couple of prominent multi-national partner companies such as Chevron, Total EP, Shell, ConocoPhillips, BP and so on. We are currently seeking for highly qualified candidates to fill the following position:

We are currently seeking for highly qualified candidates to fill the following position :

1. General Manager of Integrated Drilling Services
2. Manager of Integrated Drilling Services
3. Manager of integrated Project Management
4. Manager of Reservoir Testing Services
5. Manager of Malnteflance
6. Sales Account Specialist (Integrated DrillIng Services / Drilling Fluid Services / Wire line Logging, Well Service & Testing)
7. Drilling Engineer
8. Mud Logger
9. Mud Engineer
10. Chief Operator
11. Chief Mechanic Drilling Rig
12. Chief Electric Drilling Rig
13. HSE Officer
14. Legal Counsel New Venture & Finance

• Preferably minimum education: Bachelor degree (S1) of Petroleum Engineer/Mechanic Engineer/Geology: Engineer/Electrical Engineer (No: 1,2,3,4,6), Mechanic / Engineer / Electrical Engineer (No: 5), Petroleum Engineer/Geology Engineer (7,8), Petroleum Engineer, Chemical Engineer (9), Law (14)
• Preferably minimum education: Diploma Bachelor Degree (D3) Mechanic Engineer (10, 11), Electrical: Engineer (12), all educational background (13)
• Having knowledge & Experience in oil & gas min 15 years at the same related area or position (No:1), 10 years (No: 2,3,4,5,6,11,12), 5 years (No:7), 3 years (13), Fresh graduated are welcome (8), 5 Years (14).
• Male / Female, Maximum 45 years old;
• Having Excellence knowledge of Marketing, integrated Project Management and Drilling Rig Operation (1,2,3)
• Fluent in English & Excellent in operating computer
• Having excellent competency of analysis, problem solving & decision making.
• Excellent knowledge in business & economic law matter (14)

Untuk Lebih jelasnya dapat mengunjungi website ELNUSA dan untuk lembar aplikasi pendaftaran dapat klik disini


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  1. reza 1 October 2010 at 23:20

    many thank

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